MRS Mani Megalai

I work in the U.S. I was diagnosed with lung tumour on master health check up. I was guided by Dr Suhail in the right line of management. He assembled a team of anaesthetist, intensivistand thoracic surgical team to plan the surgery. I have completed the treatment plan and am returning to work

MR Ravi

I had developed a swelling in the thyroid for 1 year which has now increased in size. I was recommended Dr Suhail by a relative who had undergone a similar surgery. He was thorough in testing, discussing and explaining the surgical procedure and its risks. The surgery was successful and I am happy with my choice of doctor

MRS Gajalakshmi

I am 38 and was detected with a breast cancer. I was shocked by the sudden revelation and was not sure how to proceed. I was referred to Dr Suhail by a friend. he was caring, compassionate and comforting . He guided me well . It has been three weeks since diagnosis, I have completed the treatment and returned back to my routine 

MR Parthiban

My Father had presented with severe abdominal pain. He was receiving treatment. Within a few days time he developed jaundice due to gall bladder stone and infection. Dr Suhail had him admitted, planned for endoscopy and laparoscopy surgery. Due to timely management my father recovered quickly.

MRS Fathima

My Mother was diagnosed with gall bladder stones. She also developed a prolapse of uterus. As per our request dr suhail planned combined surgical procedures to sort out both troubles. He performed both surgeries by key hole technique and My mother was discharged by third day 

MRS Jennifer

I have been having an umblical hernia for the past three years. I was hesitant to undergo surgery for the same due to fear of complication. Dr Suhail took time to answer all my questions until I was convinced. I have undergone the surgery and it was a comfortable experience overall. 

MRS Sunitha

My Wife had developed pain and swelling in her previous cesarian scar . The pain and size of swelling had increased within a day. She was admitted in the hospital and was operated by dr suhail on emergency basis. Her intestine had to be cut and sutured. A major surgical procedure was completed smoothly.

MISS Anitha

My daughter had been suffering from constipation for the last 4 years. We consulted with Dr Suhail for the same and he helped my daughter recover from a 4 year old problem.

MRS Saranya Ranjarajan

My wife was diagnosed with rectal cancer. We did not know how to proceed further. We approached dr suhail. He explained the entire procedure. It sounded so complicated but he assured to stand by us in guiding us in each step. The entire treatment process lasted for 9 months and she is now under follow up after completion of treatment. It was appreciable of him being so patient and supportive.